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I am a freelance reporter and photographer, specializing in dogs, other animals and hunting. My articles and pictures are regularly published in many dog magazines all over the world, such as the Finnish Kennel Club publications Koiramme (Our Dogs, circulation over 130 000) and Koirauutiset (Dog News), the Swedish Kennel Club magazine Hundsport, Dog World (UK), Dogs in Review (USA) National Dogs in Ringleader Way (Australia), If you have a dog (Russia), the FCI magazine etc. Besides Finnish, I can write in English and Swedish.

I have translated several dog books from English to Finnish.
Joan Palmer: Koirat (Gummerus 1993)
Susan Egerton-Jones: Koirat (Karisto 1991)
Bruce Fogle: Koirien terveystieto (Karisto 1995)
Wilcox & Walkowicz: Maailman Koira-atlas (Pet Publishing 1991)
David Alderton: Koko maailman koirat (Sanomaprint 1993)

My pictures have been used in many books and calendars published in various countries.
Elke Peper: Gutes Handling (Kynos Verlag)
Peter Beyersdorf : Dein Hund auf Ausstellungen (Parey)
Miniatlas der Hunderassen (Bede Verlag)
Adolf Ringer: Rottweiler (Parey)
Hans Wiblishauser: Der Dobermann (Parey)
Rüdiger Bludau: Riesenschnauzer (Parey)
Elke Peper: Terrier der Welt (Kynos Verlag)
I have also been in a team which made TV-programs of dogs, and given lectures in various occasions about various subjects.

We usually take photos in the group finals in the shows, mainly for the needs of the dog magazines, but we can also send them to the dog owners. In the big shows, like Crufts and World Shows we try to take some photos of each BOB winner. If needed, we can also by special agreement come to someone’s home or kennels to take pictures of all their dogs.

We send the printable versions by e-mail only to the editors, but for for the owner’s homepages we can make another version.