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The stud dogs:

CH Tamsam Ring Side Gossip, pedigree

Vegas” was imported from New Zealand. His breeders are Pat Plimmer and Sue Seddom, whom I got to know some years ago when I was judging there. I was greatly impressed by their dogs, and ordered one for myself. It took quite a while before I finally got Vegas, but he was worth waiting for. He has been very successful in the show ring, gaining 9 CCs, 2 CACIBs, 3 reserve CACIBs and some group placings in two years, although our possibilities to show our dogs are very limited. At the moment he stays in Croatia in the capable hands of Ante Lucin, who has handled him to win 8 CACIBs and BOBs plus several group wins and placings in several countries. He will return home in October after the European Winner Show in Budapest. So his INT CH title needs only the FCI confirmation.

Vegas has turned out to be a phenomenal stud dog. Until now he has sires 12 litters, 55 puppies in Finland. Being the first Tamsam dog in whole Europe, he represents completely new bloodlines. His first litters have just reached the age of two years, and already 7 of them have been qualified as Finnish Champions.

The first litter of Vegas was quite an extraordinary one. The Tuovinens (Vielfrass) came to have their INT CH Vielfrass Anastasia to be mated, when Vegas was only 10 months old. To everybody’s great surprise 11 puppies were born, all of then alive and they also stayed alive. One of them, Nilda, made immediately herself a celebrity in her first show when she was 11 months old by winning Best in Show at the biggest ever Finnish Terrier Club show, among over 800 terriers. Now 5 of these eleven are champions, the bitches Vielfrass Nilda, Narsilion, Nendil and Nemo Noldomire and the male Nahar. Two of our own breeding, somewhat younger, Wolfheart Timaru and Wolfheart Unplugged, have already gained their titles, too.

Other successful offspring of Vegas are:

Lamaras Fantasy Boy
Teddy” was born in Sweden in Arve Larsson’s kennel. He has only been shown a couple of times and got ”excellent” every time. He is quite small, sturdy and compact dig with long head. He is not a big star himself, but I wanted him because of his pedigree. He descends from some very important Scandinavian dogs and our own original old dogs. He has fulfilled the expectations as a stud dog by passing the virtues of himself and his ancestors.

CH Wolfheart Watch Out

“Atte” is the oldest of our dogs at the moment, but still going strong . He is a son of my Polish import Ch Elton Zlamany Szelag, whom I bought after having judged his parents, whom I liked very much, in a show in Poland many years ago. Atte has sired some very nice litters and seem to pass also hunting abilities.

CH Wolfheart Bobby Brown

Pöpö” is a son of Atte. He was BIG- 2 in his first show. He spent some time in Sweden, where he took part in some shows, got. a.o.t. a CC, CACIB and BOB. His first litter looks promising.

CH Wolfheart Plays Hooky

“Hooky” is a son of Teddy. His and Bobby Brown’s mother W. Plug and Play was never shown because she broke her leg as a puppy, but she produced champions in all her three litters. The pedigree is very interesting, combining Australian end European lines.

Some other dogs bred by us, available for breeding:

Our lovely ladies:

INT CH Wolfheart Granny Smith
CHWolfheart Brass Button
CHWolfheart Unplugged
CH Bannside Grease Lightning, imported from UK, bred by Margaret Rose
Agria After Eight, imported from Hungary, bred by Andras Korosz
Wolfheart Printout (CC)
Wolfheart Happy New Year, res. CC, res CACIB
Wolfheart Gleaming Eyes
Wolfheart Jolene (res CC)
Wolfheart Fatalattraction
Wolfheart Counterpart

Some of our previous successful dogs and dogs bred by us:

INT CH Wolfheart Moritz
Wolfheart Smooth Operator (sert)
CH WW Wolfheart Diamond Lil
INT & NORDIC CHS PMV-99 Wolfheart Disco Queen
INT CH Wayward Specialist
INT CH Ceryx della Porta di Pietra
CH Tjuringa Nike, kasv. Keith Lovell, Australia, kennel Tjuringa (linkki)
AUST CH Tjuringa Dundee
CH Polka du Bois des Maitres
CH Wolfheart Blue Suede Shoes, om. Bodil Granberg, Ruotsi, kennel Bodils (linkki)
CH CH Wolfheart Glowing Grace, om. kennel Glowing (linkki) & kennel Wendron (linkki), Ruotsi
AM CH Wolfheart No Nonsense om. Melin Vranesic
CH Wolfheart Fox Mulder, om. kennel Dogcastle’s, Norja
ISR CH Wolfheart Glider, om. Amitai Tal, Israel
ISR CH Wolfheart Jiffy-Diffy om. Amitai Tal, Israel
INT CH Wolfheart Harry Lime, om. Mitsi Kalaitzidaki, Kreikka, kennel Mitsiter (linkki)
Wolfheart Ringmaster, om. Andras Korosz, Unkari, kennel Agria
PORT & INT CH Wolfheart Delaware
CH Wolfheart Shark
INT CH Wolfheart Shamus
RUS CH Wolfheart Shergar
PL CH Wolfheart Hiroya
CH Elton Zlamany Szelag
INT CH Wolfheart Meant For Me
Boomer v d Bismarckquelle
INT CH Riber Ramrod
CH Wolfheart Seersucker
CH Wolfheart Feffie
CH Wolfheart Douglas
CH Wolfheart Hot Rod
CH Wolfheart Hot Stuff
Uranus v d Bismarckquelle
INT CH FIN KVA Wolfheart Reduta
CH Wolfheart High Jinks
CH Wolfheart Belphegor
CH Wolfheart Brunette
CH Wolfheart Boeing
DK MVA Wolfheart Balderdash
CH & FT CH Wolfheart Fargo
CH Wolfheart Xport
CH Wolfheart Xantippa
CH Wolfheart Explosive
CHWolfheart Excenter
INT CH Bodils Varghjärta
INT CH Bodils Ögontröst
INT CH Fidelio des Hellwoodiis
NORDIC CH Wolfheart Abu Dabi
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Ziep-Fiuu
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Zoot Snoop
CH Wolfheart Ziggy Stardust
CH Wolfheart Virago
CH Wolfheart Vinca
CH Wolfheart Obelix
CH Wolfheart Rarity
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Piglet
CH Wolfheart Pigot
CH Wolfheart Pig in a Poke
CH Wolfheart Sloane Ranger
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Cornelia
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Cornflower
CH Wolfheart Lancelot
CH Wolfheart Hawkeye
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Royal Pershing
CH Wolfheart Cayenne
INT CH Wolfheart Chrysler
NORDIC CH Wolfheart Chestnut
CH Bajas Barrow
CH Wolfheart Bumble-Bee
NORDIC CH Pittlea Culverden
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Nutcracker
INT CH Wolfheart Nougat
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Whisky
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Bronco
NORDIC CH Wolfheart Ketchup
INT & NORDIC CH Wolfheart Manchester
INT & NORDIC CH PMV-81 Wolfheart Viper
INT & NORDIC CH Woodborne Falcon
INT & NORDIC CH Kei-Kan Clyde
CH Ellastone Topaz